Course Syllabus for Psy 321 - MS Word

Course Syllabus for Psy 321 - PDF

Improving Learning and Memory - Ideas for how to not only learn the material in this course but how to learn most any thing. Based on my research and those of many cognitive and educational psychologists

Timeline of Cognitive Psychology Development

The Hierarchical Technique

Some of you asked if I had any review questions for the Psy 321 course. Here are some review questions that I used to use for my Psy 321 (Cognitive) course before 2015. Keep in mind that I've changed the course over the years and these review questions were used in earlier versions of the course, so some of the course material has changed. Some of the questions may no longer be relevant and some of the information we've covered this semester may not be included in the review questions. Nevertheless, you may find them useful, so I've put them here for whoever would like to use them.

Review Questions 1

Review Questions 2

Review Questions 3

Review Questions 4